Please note that this is the most popular destination in the Bahamas and may be busy. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places in the world with exotic tourist centers and coral reefs. You will enjoy buying local souvenirs from the Bahamas, specifically in Nassau province. Head to the historic tour in Exuma, where many historical sites can be seen and visited. Experience the desert fish and visit the Lucaya market, in fact a 9.5 hectare waterfront market. The sea is packed with bright and colorful coral reefs, making diving, swimming and diving a must, while resorts offer a variety of water sports, from water skiing and windsurfing to sailing, kayaking and deep sea fishing.

Restaurants, shops, nightlife, souvenir stalls and all other by-products of tourist development are abundant here. Many of the visitor-oriented action centers on nearby Paradise Island, where the gigantic Atlantis complex offers a casino and water park near busy beaches. Blue Lagoon Island is a spectacular private island with a quiet lagoon, excellent beaches and a variety of water and land activities that the whole family can enjoy. The country offers one of the most beautiful holiday experiences in the world. Known as the jewel of the Bahamas, you will fall in love with the 120-cay Abaco Islands. The submarine’s magic is truly seen in The Abacos, as the islands have healthy and densely populated reefs, offering incredible diving opportunities.

Green Turtle Cay If you want to go back to the old days of the Bahamas, taking care of the green turtles is a place that gives you a very relaxed feeling because of the peaceful atmosphere here. The main means of transport is to select golf carts and look perfectly at your own image. You can also visit bob fishing boats in the harbor with crystal clear water and plenty of ongoing sports activities. For people who want to enter the nature around this Caribbean city, Grand Bahama has three national parks. Those on a budget will find a selection of accommodation, from private rental to hotels and resorts. Comfort Suites Paradise Island: The Comfort Suites Paradise Island, with its pink L-shaped buildings surrounding a central pool, offers superior and spacious accommodation.

Popular with families with children, the island has served as a backdrop for several Hollywood box office hits, including the James Bond Casino Royale movie, featuring Daniel Craig. You will find plenty of options for travelers of all ages, especially in the western and northern parts of the island. If you are traveling with children, the water park on this island is sure to entertain them, while adults can try their luck at local casinos or visit the many local bars and restaurants. Since this is one of the most touristic areas of the Bahamas, expect crowds and higher prices. While the Exumas and Eleuthera are great for relaxing the day, the Bahamas aren’t just about energy-efficient outings. Long Island is not far from Exumas, a great place for fishing, diving, diving and echotours.

For an outdoor adventure closer to the main resorts, try the island of Grand Bahama. Located between Grand Bahama Island and Andros, the Berry Islands group is best known for two private islands owned by Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean. But there are dozens of other isolated cays where you can snorkel, sport fish and dive at shipwreck locations. There are 700 islands in the Bahamas and it would be difficult to find a bad looking in the group. Incredibly clear turquoise water and pristine beaches in the colors pink and white are the norm here. As for the weather, it’s been much of the year as if Mother Nature somehow changed the ideal thermostat in a country.

This remote island offers exceptional scuba diving on the south coast and has hardly been hit by tourism, making it ideal for those looking for ultimate peace and unknown terrain. Every inch is perfection, from the weather to the sand, and even has an eight-mile stretch of pink sandy beach. He also managed to preserve his authentic island flavor, with mountain music and Obeah religious practices still surviving. A clear lake known as “Boiling Hole”, “It’s not just home to a legendary sea monster because of the tidal conditions farmers and bells cause,” mysterious. Grand Bahama Island is located in the northeastern region of the island chain. Visitors can get a glimpse of the local way of life when they are committed to the personal experience.

End the day at the beach drinking cocktails and enjoy dinner under the stars with your toes in the sand. As the name implies, this island got its name from the green turtles that used to live in the waters around this key. It is located near Great Abaco, one of the main outer islands of the chain, and the main city is called New Plymouth. The island is known private powerboat tours bahamas for its beautiful sandy beaches and fishermen trade lobster on the island. The Abacos is located north of New Providence and Paradise Island and consists of more than 120 beautiful cays surrounded by shallow, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. While Eleuthera has its share of pink sandy beaches, the real star of the Bahamas show is Harbor Island.