The most common method of photo production is high-resolution digital files hosted in a private online gallery. This way you can download your images directly to your computer. Professional family photographers provide photos that have been edited, although the amount of editing and style will vary. The cost of photo shoots can vary dramatically between photographers on Maui.

Leave wallets in your hotel and if you need to bring a bag, just bring a bag. Make sure to change your car clothes in case it gets wet during your session. If you are visiting during the day, you can also take care of the turtles. Make sure you don’t get too close to them because they can be afraid of people. When diving, try to bring an underwater camera; some of the best places to take pictures on this beach are under the waves.

Even when it rains, it returns to the fluffy white clouds and the sun 30 minutes later. Unless there is a large storm system, the weather is usually highly localized here. With so many beautiful places and beaches to choose from, we can drive to another location within 15 minutes and be back in the sunlight. In the rare cases when it’s a really bad day, I’m more than happy to reprogram if possible. I really recommend having a change of clothes available for after filming. For you more adventurous people it is always nice to take classic photos of you playing in the water or waves hitting your legs.

Family photos are about what you and your family like to do together. They catch their family where they are happiest and most comfortable: on the beach, cycling through the city or picnicking in their favorite park. – It is very oriental for people who love photography to be consumed by light, angles and compositions. We tend to see everything we see as if looking through a viewfinder. Don’t forget to intentionally leave your camera and experience Hawaii now instead of just your photos later. – Some places in Hawaii are full of tourists and everyone wants a good chance.

They may have seen nice family photos of their friends and want to do a few the same way. Take your suggestions without making them think you don’t have one yourself and work on it. They will often be great and feel that they had a little more to do with the images than just a pretty face. Frank specializes in Maui wedding photography, family portraits and fine arts. Your goal is to capture the true essence of your special event by creating a detailed story in images you can cherish in the coming years.

This family beach on the south coast has a bit of everything: lush forests, nice boulevards, soft sand and hidden niches! The gentle waves breaking along the coast make it the perfect place for even the little ones to splash in the water, and the soft sand invites you to leave your shoes behind. A winding palm-lined boardwalk is an accessible and picturesque place for all family members.

We are a small team of friendly and talented photographers who offer Maui photography. We specialize in wedding photography, family portrait photography, couples / Maui Hawaii beach photographer engagement photography, maternity photography and portraits of secondary schools. We film on site, usually on the beach, but we can also go to your hotel resort.

Be careful not to interfere with the wedding ritual, Joanna becomes an almost invisible presence, the opening of which opens up to the greatest joy of the participants. Jelena touched the base with us several times during the week and offered alternative data to ensure we could take the photo shoot. Jelena is excellent at using the natural beauty and light of Maui to take a truly beautiful photo. Communication with Capture Aloha and Jelena was extensive and easy.

Some photographers are new to their careers and offer affordable rates for mini photo shoots for 1 hour a day. On the other hand, others have over 20 years of experience and can charge thousands of dollars for a 90-minute shoot. It can be daunting when you start getting some estimates, so it’s good to prepare with a budget in mind. Flytographer makes it easy to choose the perfect photographers from the Maui family. You can learn all about your photography style, favorite photos and you can even browse your online wallet. Bruce Forrester was once named one of the best wedding photographers in the country by Town & Country Magazine.

Bruce and Susan Forrester have a special love of wedding photography. Their goal is to create a personal work of art that will become the couple’s most precious possession. Award-winning photographer Sasha Prince was born and raised in Hawaii, where she developed a love of art and culture at a young age. After attending an art / photography school on the mainland, he returned to Maui, where he found his niche in wedding photography, portraits and album design.