Then they used their equipment as planned on the fourth day of the game when they faced Spezia. However, in what appears to be the last part of that ongoing saga, Serie A has informed the club that they continue to violate Article 5 of the league rules. Therefore, they will have to play without their ridge for the rest of the season, eliminating an integral part of the design of the shirts. If you haven’t been on the field and made quick player decisions, you may classic football shirts be wondering if shock kits really matter. Designing and buying a takeaway kit can be a significant investment in a club, especially in teams of 11 players where there are more players to rest with teams suitable for football players, so it is a good concern to know that it is worth it. If you’re not sure why it’s important to have a special kit for your players, or even if you’re curious to know why there are kits in the first place, let’s guide you through it.

Everything from type sizes to logo placement on players and what referees and coaches can use is covered in the 92-page equipment regulation guide. Every season, manufacturers competed to present the latest design innovation and the new comics were often exhibited in the last game of the previous season. For top clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, global sales of replica kits have now created annual revenue streams of tens of millions of pounds.

According to the footballshirt website, Peter Shilton had the opportunity to use one, but he refused. In February 2014, Egyptian goalkeeper Mahdi Soliman was forced to wear a Liverpool porter shirt after Ghazl Mahalla’s kitman left his top for his match with Al Ahly. Without an alternative top available, the club was forced to buy a shirt from a neighboring sports shop and chose the kit commonly used by Simon Mignolet de los Rojos. The club still had time to stick the logo of its own sponsors, McDonald’s, on the front. West German Sepp Maier wore a yellow Welsh T-shirt when the two teams met in the mid-1970s, again due to a clash of colors with the archer’s original choice.

Although designed primarily for major matches and tournaments, there was a warning of failure. If both goalkeeper shirts are the same color, the referee is free to start the game if no replacement can be found. The American sportswear giant Nike came on the market in 1993 when Adidas was replaced as a kit supplier for Arsenal, with carefully designed and individual designs, at least for leading clubs.

As expected, since the players bought their own shirts, there was considerable variation within a team. The first photos of The Wednesday, for example, show players with hoops of different widths. As the game gradually changed from a search for wealthy fans to one dominated by worker professionals, the kits changed accordingly. In 1890, the Football League, which had been established two years earlier, ruled that there were no two teams capable of incorporating similar colors to avoid confrontations. This rule was later specified in favor of a rule that states that all teams must have a second set of shirts in a different color. Initially, the local team had to change color in a crash, but in 1921 the rule was changed to require the visiting team to change.